December 31, 2019 Nikolai Layne no responses

Financial Economics – The Impact of Negative Interest Rates

As a new year approaches, we must reflect and carefully assess the uproot of a new financial era surfacing in the global economy. Research has revealed an interesting phenomena which must be dissected and challenged by economists, bankers and policy makers. The relevance of negative interest rates have been explored […]

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Trapped by Fear and Worry

Walking in circles in my mind again…    Where do I even begin?   Sometimes I wish I knew what I was doing. Sometimes I wish I were more confident in my dreams and aspirations that I’d just take life by the throat and make it my bitch. Squeezing success […]

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January 9, 2019 philip promises no responses


In this life, promises are the lifeline for some of us –  we often rely on promises to ourselves and from the ones we love. We promise ourselves to overcome, to keep going, to be understanding, to get better, to believe in our abilities and intuition; promise to not hold […]

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Philip King